Sunday, April 27, 2014

Plumbing Contractor YouTube Video Marketing Review

 Now, first off, I don't mean any offense to Rootmasters. They have a very excellent video here, picture quality, the theme and everything they're doing here is very good. There are a few things I would change. In the video title there it's shooting the -- to make it easier for people to find them who know their name already, then putting your business name at the very beginning is a good idea. If the purpose of this video is to find new customers, then it would be a better title starting off with whatever you believe your customers search for, perhaps ‘plumbing service contractor repair' or ‘plumbing repairs' or something similar to that.

 Now, the idea of adding the city and state is a very good idea. It geotargets the target because a very large percentage of people looking for a plumber or some other service professional will include their city and state as part of the search. Down here in the description, they do a good job of giving the basics of what they're talking about. Are your pipes clogged? Well, right there.

 The very first thing in a video, I try to make it a point to make whatever you use in the title as your important keyword, targeting words to be the very first things I put in the video description because the same thing is here. The words that appear first in the description are given much higher value than the words that appear at the end of the description.

 The other thing is you can get more value to your link if after you put your description, you put it right next. Or you can put the link first to add maximum value. Now, when you click on the link page for them, and here, I can contact them by phone. Now, I went through the trouble to try to find their address. Personally it's a good idea to put all your contact information right in there, your phone number, your address, your website, everything, mainly because Google Maps right here or as it's being called now "Google Places" will identify and give your page ranking based upon the information they found in the video. So if you include the exact same information that's here for contact information, your videos will get a better ranking up here in search results. Your Google Maps page will appear in ranking.

 Now, the one thing that this Rootmaster could do to greatly increase their business marketing value is to claim their business page. This page has not been claimed yet. You see they have some descriptions down here of where they're at and things they do and what they do, but it hasn't really been claimed yet. It's been edited. They have six reviews, five stars, which is very good. They get maximum value out of your places page or maps page. You need five videos and ten photographs. And right now, it looks like they have one video. But all in all, Rootmaster has done a very good job, and depending on their competition and their area, it will depend upon how well their Google Maps or most variable advertising page on the internet ranks.

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